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International BRANCUSI photo contest (amateurs)

Have you ever been in Târgu-Jiu? Have you taken great photos of Brancusi’s ensemble The Heroes Path and do not want to keep them just for yourself? Then take part in our contest! Its theme is ‘Brancusi’s work and the four seasons’.

Send the photos you choose for the contest, together with your full name and a title for each of the photos to until February 17th 2012. The photos will be posted on our Facebook account ‘Centrul Brancusi Targu Jiu’. You will be evaluated as an artistic photographer considering both the number of the ‘likes’ you get (50%) and the opinion of a jury (50%). The price will consist of books on Brancusi and his work. The winning photos will be posted on the site and exhibited in the lobby of the theatre “Elvira Godeanu” on Sunday 19th February, when we celebrate the 136th anniversary of Constantin Brâncuşi’s birth.

Terms and conditions of taking part in the contest:

– the author must assume the originality of the photos;

– the author agrees that the institution can publish his/her photos without any financial demands;

– the author agrees that his/her photos can be used (if the name of the author is mentioned) in order to promote the cultural patrimony without claiming any material advantage;

– the institution has the right to remove the photos of poor quality or those whose content is inappropriate, thus bringing prejudice to the image of Brancusi’s works.

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